Moonwake Meadow is owned + operated
by Nicole, a floral designer based in New York

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Nicole's designs are inspired by her never- ending love for nature- from the organic wildflowers in a meadow to bright tropicals, she finds it hard to choose a favorite. a lover of both colorful and neutral palettes, she brings in her own edge to floral design.

Nicole started refreshing the stems and organizing the fridge in her mother's floral shop, fourteen years ago. Starting off on her journey, all the fundamentals of floral and event design has been learned from her mother. Wanting to pursue further after graduating high school, she attended The New York School of Floral Design and shortly after, The International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas. She continued floral work in Manhattan for roughly six years learning from others within the industry. Working several job titles along the way, she has worked as a studio manager, senior designer and wedding/ event coordinator. Nicole has experience from traditional to whimsical floral design. She has worked anywhere from floral art installations, everyday retail, weddings, public relations, corporate events and the list goes on. After years of working for others, Nicole now has created a business of her own. Fully dedicated in her design, she strives to make the best experience for her clients.